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Thinking Design Services (P) Limited is a design firm providing 360 degree solutions to client design needs. Our multi disciplinary consultancy Service focuses on providing customized solutions to set clients strategic vision into motion. Since its inception in 2008, we strive to deliver end to end branding, architecture and interior solutions. We have created spaces, service systems and branding solutions over the years and now presenting our home decor online store "Rainforest Italy" for consumers.

Tabbed to imbibe the very essence from the Earth's oldest living ecosystem; Rainforest as a brand intend to approach every single home and provides an ambience that is at once approachable and full of character. With an aim to refocus the concept of fine living on the true meanings of comfort, we inspire you with the freedom to make your own choice among the products and construct a space that identifies you and you alone. Be it a rational living area consisting of tables, chairs, cupboards and shelves, a living room that is highly welcoming complete with sofas, recliners, armchairs, ottomans and TV cabinets or a sophisticated bedroom area with beds and furnishings.

The sole purpose of Rainforest products is as important as its beauty as the quality of materials. Living with the theme means endorsing the classics which can sit freely alongside the modern furnishing concepts thereby transforming the environment which is natural and elegant. The clean and incisive designs from Europe along with warmth and solidity of Indian materials, Rainforest ensures to create an ambience which is welcoming yet confidential, simple yet functional.

Artistry: We believe in raising a blend of artistic simplicity and excellence in Workmanship thereby making our products distinct than others.
Sustainability: We believe in doing what we ought to do in creating a positive benchmark. We believe that if anything can't be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished or recycled then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from the production.
Ergonomics: We understand the essence of comfort and thus design products in order to optimize human well being and overall product performance.
Customer satisfaction: We strive for full satisfaction to the customers in terms of quality and services and at the same time welcome your valuable feedbacks to help us improve.