The 5 Best Accent Chairs for Every Style & its type

The term accent means stress or emphasis. Accent furniture is a piece of furniture that stands out as it complements a room's décor by adding a new dimension to it. Accent chairs are comfortable lounge chairs which are often used for great decorative value. They are sure to seek attention instantly by adding color, definition and drama to any interior space.

Try to place them in any corner of your house — in addition to serving as extra seating they can revamp any setting by adding a touch of coziness and class. Their semi-classical designs make them perfect to be used in the living room, lounge area or bedroom.


What are the Different Types of Accent chairs?

Different types of accent chairs are available in the market as enlisted –


The club chair’s name often connects it to gentleman’s clubs, but it originated in the chic design studios of France under the name fauteuil comfortable which means comfy chair. True to its name, the club chair is very comfortable in its design.



The slipper chair is armless and upholstered with a small silhouette.  It is called a slipper chair due to its low height and is closer to the ground than most people are used to.The slipper chair is notable for its sleek, streamlined design.



This chair has characteristically tall back and dramatic winged sides. It can provide a balanced look at a living room with a large sofa. It is best placed near the fireplace giving the whole décor an elegant touch.



A barrel chair is designed to add a rustic feel to any living space owing to its contemporary design and comfortable shape. The backside of the chair has a barrel-shaped design whereas the front features a cutout area to sit, surrounded with a high back and high arms.



The lounge chair is a piece of furniture most preferred for relaxing.The laid-back design with a slanted back and a footrest give it a comfortable and gracious feel. The footrest can either be built-in to the piece or come as a separate piece.

What are the different styles in Accent chairs?

The style of the accent chair refers to its overall look and design. The style is decided based on a large number of factors like materials, color and size. The most prominent styles are enlisted here –


The range of accent chairs has design elements taken from the modernist movement. To suit the modern lifestyle, the chairs have a simple and streamlined structure. The design emphasis on functionality rather than fashion. They are available in soft colors.


This range of accent chairs uses classic and authentic design elements. The main stress is to make the furniture look welcoming and relaxed. These chairs have an ordinary look and are available in warm, traditional and earthy colors.The emphasis is on function over fashion.



The cottage style or country style is the type of furniture available in farmhouses and the county side. So to create a rustic and cottage look, natural earth colors are paired with stripes, checks, and floral print. Though quite basic and ordinary, they instantly catch attention by incorporating bright colors and patterns.



The French Country design is a variation of country style with a European twist. The country-style keeps it simple and ordinary while the French touch makes it look bright, rustic and laid-back.


The bohemian style adds a lot of flair and creativity to any piece of furniture. It makes use of a combination of textures, patterns, and colors to grab attention and create an artistic look. The chairs have brightly upholstered seats and rustic wooden frames.

Things you need to consider before buying Accent chairs


Understand the requirement

One should buy an accent chair based on one’s needs and requirements.The decision should be taken considering the size of the room and the exact purpose of buying it like extra seating, a recliner or a coffee table.

Establish a Budget

Different ranges are available in accent chairs. One must buy one based on their budget. This will help to streamline the search by reducing the number of options available.

Measure the Space

Before buying a chair, it is always advisable to measure the room and plan out where the chair will go to ensure that it fits and will be functional.


The accent chairs are simply chairs that are placed in a room in a strategic position to offer more seating. They can be purchased to coordinate with the existing furnishings, or it can become a statement piece in the room. That is a perfect way to showcase one’s style in the setup. Apart from being functional, accent chairs also add a class to the living area.